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About me

I'm a systems architect in the APAC region creating low-cost, high-performance IT solutions. An experienced data engineer, spatial analyst, and linux systems admin.

My academic background is in anthropology. I travel vast distances in search of creativity and knowledge.


- Database design, SQL query optimization, PL/SQL
- Extract/Load, Transform (ETL, ELT, Data Pipelines)
- Process mapping and automation
- Functional Programming
- Bayesian Statistics, Principal Component Analysis
- Resilience design, Security
- Spreadsheets, Excel
- TypeScript, Elm, Idris, Haskell


- Defensive design, poka-yoke, pareto charts
- Python, R: data.table, reshape2, caret, qualityTools (Six Sigma)
- PostgreSQL / PostGIS, QGIS, gvSIG, DBSCAN, OpenStreetMap
- OmniSci, Kinetica DB, PySAL, depthmapX, Geoda, Amazon RDS, BigQuery
- Stitch, Looker, dbt, Snowflake, Digdag, Apache Arrow, AWS, Terraform
- Splunk, Pentaho, alteryx, columnar databases (OLAP), Grafana
- Datomic, CLIPS, Prolog, F#, Elm
- CentOS / Red Hat (RHEL), Debian

Unofficial Mentors

- Paul Otlet / Jane Jacobs / J. Walter Fewkes / J. C. R. Licklider
- Joanna Rutkowska / Meredith L. Patterson / Eleanor Saitta
- Élisée Reclus / Patrick Geddes / Alfred Korzybski / Otto Neurath
- Buckminster Fuller / Clare W. Graves / Simon Wardley / Bill Hillier
- Philip Beesley / Tim Stonor / Jef Raskin / Bret Victor / Venkatesh Rao
- Bourdieu / Chomsky / Latour / Deleuze

Research interests

- Spatial data analysis
- Ambient technology
- Emergent change processes
- Direct manipulation (HMI)
- Cyborg anthropology
- Revealed preference theory
- Applied category theory


Consultant philosopher, archivist, systems administrator, location scout, product manager, IT manager, business analyst, technical writer, data centers, ambient intelligence (AGI/AmI), ubiquitous computing, OCaml, Erlang, Elixir, hummingbird (flutter for web), NetBox (IPAM), KNIME, CoreOS, SmartOS, Qubes OS, RTOS, PLC / SCADA, environmental psychology, neighborhood planning, behavioral geography, evolutionary urbanism, landscape architecture, affordable housing, human ecology, spatial dynamics, socio-architecture, general systems theory (GST), emergent behavior, proactive interaction, behavioral economics, biomimicry, ROWE, remote, coworking, Data Vault 2.0

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