Crosswalk logo based on Crosswalk by Juan Pablo Bravo, CL.

We love artists, reaserchers and engineers.

That is one of the reasons why we decided to create Crosswalk. We are developing a platform to help support creative people. We recognize that after people figured out how to make copies of objects, people began selling copies. That made sense because copies took extra work and money to produce. It made sense because copies were expensive. But computers and the internet have made copying a lot easier and faster. It takes extra work to prevent copies from being made on a computer. The command to copy on a computer actually takes less work than the command to move.

So, what is Crosswalk?

Crosswalk is a crowdfunding platform exclusively for digital copies. Our strategy is to support the creation process so that it can become more open and free. Free meaning freedom. The Crosswalk model will help create an incentive for science and the useful arts while also helping consumers enjoy and consume the content they support.

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