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City Window

Teleport to a random city on planet Earth. Every minute a new city will be available. For specific country selection a new city avails every five minutes.

city window

City Abacus

Plan your gap year in five minutes.

city abacus

UNLI Neighbourhoods

Compare countries, cities, and neighbourhoods with aggregated spatial data:

Reverse Flight Search

Search for flights backwards from your destination. You can find cheap hubs to route from. Mostly useful for multi-destination trip planning.

reverse flight search

Incremental Book Reading

Send a page of a book (the one that you have been meaning to read) to yourself every day

email book reading

`do` task spooler

A modern job queue for unix

batch job watcher

Random Walk

A way for humans to walk randomly

random walk generator

TabSender 1.0

Bulk send tabs to your phone in only one link via email or Firefox Sync

bulk tab sender

Cities: Video Playlist

Get to know every city in the world (virtually). Cities were categorized using OpenStreetMap and other spatial datasets. Ideally a concise city tour video but often slow TV / walking videos.


Miscellaneous art projects:

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