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UNLI Neighbourhoods

Compare countries, cities, and neighbourhoods with aggregated spatial data:

City Window

Teleport to a random city on planet Earth. Every minute a new city will be available. For specific country selection a new city avails every five minutes.

random city player

Cities: Video Playlist

Get to know every city in the world (virtually). Cities were categorized using OpenStreetMap and other spatial datasets. Ideally a concise city tour video but often slow TV / walking videos.

Reverse Flight Search

Search for flights backwards from your destination. You can find cheap hubs to route from. Mostly useful for multi-destination trip planning.

reverse flight search

Incremental Book Reading

Send a page of a book (the one that you have been meaning to read) to yourself every day

email book reading

`do` task spooler

A modern job queue for unix

batch job watcher

Random Walk

A way for humans to walk randomly

random walk generator

TabSender 1.0

Bulk send tabs to your phone in only one link via email or Firefox Sync

bulk tab sender


Miscellaneous art projects:

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